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My Story

Jessica’s passion for holistic health started when conventional medicine failed to meet

her needs as a teen struggling with depression and gynaecological issues. Her explorations

deepened when her father succumbed to cancer. Yoga, herbal medicine, nutrition, and dance became

essential for self care. 


In 2009 Jessica completed Yoga Teacher Trainings and a certification in Phoenix

Rising Yoga Therapy, an approach that blends modern psychology practices with Yoga. Her work as a Yoga teacher included classes for health

professionals, at-risk youth, and women seeking support after leaving abusive relationships.


After the sudden loss of her sister in 2012 Jessica delved further into how the healing and performance arts could support the ways we meet life and death. She studied Holistic Midwifery in 2014

and started working as a doula.


Jessica is undergoing registration for acupuncture while she continues to study

Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is continually amazed and humbled by the efficacy and depth

of acupuncture, herbs, and therapeutic touch and movement. She has a special interest in beginning and end of life care, fertility, postpartum,

and grief support. Gardening, hula hoops, fire dancing, and all things circus bring her great joy.