Sensual Self Love Kit

  • Pleasure Medicine

    Every month
    Sensual Self Love for Babes with Vaginas
    Valid for 6 months
    • Sexual/Reproductive Health Consultation
    • Herbal tea/steam blends, elixirs, and oils
    • Yoni Egg with Yoga classes to support your practice
    • Beginner Burlesque for playful and pleasurable expression
  • Post Partum Power

    Every month
    Repair & Rejuvenate your Pelvic Floor & More
    Valid for 3 months
    • Yoni Egg
    • Yoni Egg Yoga sessions
    • Vaginal Steam Herbal Blends
    • Sexual/Reproductive Health Consultation
    • Breast Balm and Belly Oil
    • Refreshing Facial Mist
  • Period Pleasure Pack

    Every month
    Self-care kit for your moontime
    • Chocolate (obviously) but with added medicine
    • Breast and belly massage oil
    • Facial mix
    • Intention setting card
    • Herbal tea blend to soothe and center
    • Vaginal steam blend to cleanse and refresh post-period